Welcome to the FVWP Developmental Program (Girls and Boys)


Practice times and dates will be posted on our calendar. Please check back to the website for updates and information.

Your Team Manager is TBD

If you have any questions regarding your registration, please forward them to Alison at registrar@fraservalleywaterpolo.com


Now is the time to please double check that you have done the following:

1) Terms and Conditions Page has been read, understood and agreed to.

2) Respect in Sport Program has been completed by at least one parent in the family.

3) Parent Code of Conduct Page has been read, understood and agreed to.


4) Registration Form has been filled out and submitted.


5) Decide on payment  option below. ENTER NAME FIRST. Please REMEMBER to forward your receipt of payment to               registrar@fraservalleywaterpolo.com.


Enroll for Payment Option

5 months @ $160 each

Full Payment @ $800 

All Regular Season Developmental Programs will run September 2018 to April 2019. Payment must be in full. Please note, program fees are exclusive of tournament and  league fees.


5) Fundraising Requirements (per developmental athlete): A fee of  $125 will be required prior to the start of the season. Please note this applies to families with developmental players only, if you have high performance players also in the family, the high performance amount of $250 per family will apply.

  A PayPal link to pay the fundraising amount (1 amount per developmental athlete) is below.If during or at the end of the season your family has fulfilled the fundraising commitment, any excess in your fundraising account can be used towards future travel or tournament costs.  Please note that athletes WILL NOT be able to enter the water for practice without all the fees paid.

Fundraising $125
(one per Developmental athlete)

Please note that if you have a player(s) in HP, you need to submit the $250 fundraising amount for the family

6) Athlete Code of conduct form will be supplied to each player at the beginning of the season.


7) You are done! Please read below for info regarding registration. Check back often to our website for practice times and dates. 


Terms and Conditions regarding Registration with FVWPC

Please note, that FVWPC reserves the right to alter programs as required to accommodate coaching requirements, practice sizes and pool allocation etc.

~ All fees may be made by PayPal or Cheque. Fraser Valley Water Polo Club will not accept cash. All cheques must be received by the Fraser Valley Registrar Alison Thompson prior to the first practice. 

~ If paying by cheque: postdated cheques payable to “Fraser Valley Water Polo Club” for registration and fundraising  MUST be provided at the time of registration along with a completed registration package.  Please note that your athlete will not be allowed to practice until payment is confirmed.

~ Fees include BCWPA Insurance fees. Please remind any Lower Mainland clubs you also swim with to deduct this insurance amount from your Lower Mainland club fees.

~ Fundraising amounts will be returned after April 30, 2019 to any family who has fulfilled their fundraising requirements and is leaving the club OR may be used towards future travel or tournament costs.. 


Thank you...

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We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia