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Head Coach Michel Roy

At Camp Artaban...

For a Team Retreat to Kick off the 2018/19


Open to all age groups

Date: Sept. 8-9, 2018

Location: Camp Artaban, Gambier Island, BC

Cost: $160 per Attendee

Fun days of activities - water training, dryland and supplemental activities

A great way to end summer and kick off the 2018/19 Water Polo Season with some great team bonding!

*The retreat will be chaperoned but parents are welcomed to attend if they choose

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Camp Details:


$160 per person
Includes: water taxi, all meals, accommodations, coaching and other activities

Activities will include:

Water training, *Baseball Session (to learn how to throw), Dry Land (on Grass, a Yoga Mat or in the Gym at the Camp)

*All Athletes must bring a Baseball Glove and Softball



Camp attendees will travel to and from Camp Artaban via Water Taxi. 

The Water Taxi leaves Horseshoe Bay for Gambier Island at 8:00 am on Saturday, Sept. 8 and will leave Camp Artaban at 4:00 pm on Sunday, Sept. 9 to return to Horseshoe Bay.


Email Coach Michel Roy at

Coach Michel Roy

Michel Roy - Head Coach of FVWP and the leader of the Elite Training Camp at Camp Artaban. To learn more about Coach Roy...

Camp Artaban Swim tank

The water polo field of play is 22M X 12M

Canoeing at Camp Artaban

Attendees will enjoy fun free-time activities like canoeing

Camp Artaban Cabin

Cabin accommodations sleep 8 - 9

Water Taxi

Camp attendees will travel to and from Camp Artaban via Water Taxi from Horseshoe Bay

The Adventure Begins

A sense of adventure is the first item on the packing list! To view the full packing list...

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