I signed up but can't make the event, what do I do?
In signing up you are committing to working a job.  If there is someone on the waitlist please contact them directly or contact your Volunteer Co-Ordinator. If no substitutes are available please email the Volunteer Co-Ordinator so that they can inform Spectra as soon as possible.  You are responsible to fill or replace any shifts you may sign up for.


Why did I make more at the last event then this event?
We earn a percentage, some events are better attended or have better sales. You will always earn at least minimum wage.

I forgot about my shift and didn't show up, now what?

You had committed to the job and in not showing up you have broken that commitment, and this jeopardizes the club's partnership with Spectra.  Your absence will be noted. The club reserves the right to not allow you to volunteer for further events at the Abbotsford Centre if you continue to show a pattern of absences.


I want to work but the start times don't work with my schedule. Can I be late?

No. Each event on the sign-up sheet indicates a start time, Spectra realizes that most people will be coming from their primary job. If there is a shift you really want to volunteer at but are not able to make it on time Spectra may make an exception, please email your volunteer co-ordinator to inquire. There are many weekend events, including afternoons and even some weekday events that may better suit your schedule. 


I don't feel comfortable serving alcohol can I still be involved?

Yes and no. Some events have a lower alcohol consumption like the family shows, but in most cases alcohol (beer & wine) are a big part of the concession work.  Spectra requires that we have as many people as possible with their SIR to make sure they can ID and serve customers.  There are some jobs in the concession that do not require your SIR, those will be limited on a show to show basis. If you have anyone that would like to work other positions, such as warehouse, please let your volunteer co-ordinator know so that they may reach out to inquire.



Volunteering at Concession = Fundraising Dollars

Work with Spectra Food Services & Hospitality  at the Abbotsford Centre during an event and earn fundraising dollars in the process!

An opportunity to volunteer your time with cash going into your fundraising account by working in one of many concessions at the Abbotsford Centre.

Through a partnership with Spectra, the exclusive food and beverage provider for the Abbotsford Centre, we are hired as volunteer crews to work as concession workers for events throughout the year.  This can be anything from a concert to a family or cultural event.  A percentage of the profits in the assigned concession is issued to the club and then divided amongst the volunteer workers for that event to be added to their family fundraising account.   

How to get involved? 

First, get certified! Spectra requires the majority of volunteers to obtain the Serving It Right Certificate however this opportunity is also open for players 14 years and older. With most events having alcohol service, Serving it Right allows you to ID and serve alcohol.


Second, orientate yourself! Spectra Food Services provides orientations for groups when a large number of new volunteers want to join the program. The orientation will be determined by Spectra (during the evening or on a weekend, whatever is convenient for the majority of newcomers). This orientation will allow you to become familiar with the Abbotsford Centre, Spectra policies as well as fill in the appropriate paperwork.

Third, sign up! Once completing the Orientation session, go to the Spectra sign up link and follow the directions to commit to an event. Please only commit to the events that you are positive you can make.  The crew will be first come first served but new events will be added as they are booked. There are limited number of Serving it Right (SIR) cashier spots as well as NON SIR Cashier spots. If you would like to be put on the waiting list please do so as sometimes Spectra will ask for more volunteers on extremely busy events.


Four, show up! The Abbotsford Centre is located south at the McCallum road exit in Abbotsford.  Parking is $5 with about a block to walk (no, this is not covered). Carpooling is encouraged, and/or being dropped off. Spectra sends out confirmation emails prior to each event with a list of people that have signed up to the Volunteer Co-Ordinator.


Uniform Requirements: 

           - black t-shirt/pants (shoulders covered)

           - black comfortable closed toe shoes (you will be on your feet all night)

           - long hair tied back

           - NO colds, coughs or sickness (we are serving food)

           - a friendly, cooperative attitude


You will report to the Spectra entrance and visit the person at check in, there you will pick up your FVWP uniform of a black apron and visor. From there you will be directed to a concession stand to report to the Stand Leader where you will be working.    Remember to sign in on the Group Non For Profit sign in/out sheet so your volunteer dollars can be allocated properly. 


Thank you...

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We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia