Synopsis of the changes to FVWPC bylaws, June 2017


As the government changes some of the policies around not for profit groups, it was necessary to revamp some of our bylaws to conform. To educate yourselves ahead of time, we have included the proposed changes to our constitution. A current copy of the proposed bylaws is available on our website at Bylaws2017


Proposed Changes:

The purpose of the revision are two-fold:

  1. Allow for the Transition required by the New Societies Act – we have a year

  2. Update the Constitution and Bylaws to our common practices, fix some typos and clarify some points throughout the documents.

  3. Changes to be voted on are as follows:

  • In the current Bylaws, it is stated that the program supports the LTD Competitive Foundations and Train to Compete pathways as described in the WPC Competition Review of 2013.  New bylaw: removal of the reference to 2013. Reason: this is far too specific and precludes us to easily adapt our model to modernized LTD paths. This also allows for the option of including the “Train to Perform” pathway. As discussed this year at the executive level, we could be lookingto offer a program for Senior Athletes to compete in the Senior League (MLWP). As the Club develops and alumni return to the fold it would be great to find a way to keep our 19+ athletes in competitive water polo. Changing the language in the Bylaws will allow us to expand the program if necessary.

  • clarified the language on voting rights.

  • The removal of the stipulation that we only target our athlete recruiting to the Fraser Valley.  Although, this will most likely continue to be our practice, we do not want to be so restrictive in the Bylaws.

  • Removal of a number of references to BC Waterpolo. The Bylaws gave the PSO more control/ oversight over FVWP than we feel is warranted.  By removing the language it does not preclude us from doing so but does not make it mandatory.

  • Altered the provision on Dissolution – right now all Valley’s capital (one all liabilities have been paid) would have been turned over to BCWP.  By updating the language, instead it will be turned over to a non-profit sport organization(s) (aquatics focused) that support children in financial need.

  • Also, as stated, cleaned up wording errors throughout.

Thank you to VP Tom Laurie for taking on this task. The executive has voted in favour of the changes and need the support of the membership to institute the changes into the constitution.

Copies of both the original Constitution and the revised constitution can be found on our website at: Policies and Info

Thank you...

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We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia