It’s time to get registration open!  We need to tackle the first few months of the season in a different fashion than we are accustomed too. We are asking families to register their membership over the next week. From there, as we start to acquire pool space, we will set up programs, that we can assign members and a cost to. This may be based on age groups, time of day or pool location. We are seeking to secure as much pool time as possible. Our season will start Saturday, September 12, 2020. 

Welcome to the FVWPC 2020 / 2021 Season!!

Here you will find all of the information you will need to register with the Fraser Valley Water Polo Club. Please read all of the info carefully.  

We are now using TeamSnap for Registrations!! The TeamSnap Platform will allow us to easily manage teams and communicate effectively with our membership throughout the season.

To Register:

IMPORTANT: Please thoroughly read and follow the instructions as outlined in this section, particularly regarding payment. 

1. Please Read the Terms and Conditions Page

2. Please complete the Respect in Sport Program 

One parent from each family must complete this program. All Chaperones must complete the "Respect In Sport for Activity Leaders" program.

NOTE: If you completed this for FVWPC last season, you do not need to do so again. If you are new to FVWPC, but have completed the program with another association, you do not have to complete it again, but please still click the button and follow the link for instructions on how to proceed.

3. Please read the Parent Code of Conduct form

4. Please Complete the Registration Process in TeamSnap

5. Please Forward Your Payment

IMPORTANT: Please thoroughly read and follow these payment instructions. 

If paying by Cheque:

*Cheques must be mailed for receipt by August 31, 2020, to:


Fraser Valley Water Polo Club

8850 Walnut Grove Drive (Walnut Grove Post Office) 
PO Box 32047 

Langley BC

V1M 2M3

*If you are choosing the option to pay in instalments, please send cheques - one dated with a current date, plus the remaining post-dated up to Jan. 31, 2021.

IMPORTANT: Each cheque MUST note the name of the Athlete, the age group and team, and the type of payment. Ex. "John Doe, 16U Boys High Performance, Registration Fee Instalment"

Ex.  "Jane Doe, 12U Development, Full Registration Payment"


If paying by E-Transfer:

E-Transfer payments can be addressed to the email: treasurer@fraservalleywaterpolo.com.

IMPORTANT: Please double check that you are sending the E-Transfer to the correct email address. 

IMPORTANT: E-Transfers MUST include a "Note" or "Comment" that includes the name of the Athlete, the age group + team the payment applies to, and the type of payment.  

Ex. "John Doe, 16U Boys HighPerformance, Registration Fee Instalment"

Ex. "Jane Doe, 12U Development, Full Registration Payment"

If you are going to choose the option to pay in instalments, please set up your recurring e-transfer to be sent by the end of each month, ending Jan. 31, 2021.


If payment is not received by month end, you will be sent a reminder to pay. 

*NOTE: If you are registering later than September, please email: treasurer@fraservalleywaterpolo.com to discuss options for instalment payments.

Questions about Registration?

Email: registrar@fraservalleywaterpolo.com

Go, Valley, Go!!!

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