Registration is open for our 2021-2022 Season 


Our virtual AGM was hosted via zoom. The date for the AGM was Thursday, June 10, 2021 at 7:00pm.  Information was sent to members via email. Contact secretary@fraservalleywaterpolo.com with questions.

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This past year has been a very interesting period. We have had a worldwide pandemic that continued to shut down just about everything. Schools, games, travel, restaurants, family visits and much, much more. Thankfully, during this time, while we could not have games, scrimmages, travel or tournaments, we did manage to have practices, and maintain our skills and fitness. This will be of immeasurable benefit when our season starts on Monday, September 13.


This past summer we had ample representation at the Junior Olympics in California. In addition to the successes in the pool, it was a return to some normal, which has been missing from our lives, an opportunity to practice and play with new opposition and improve skills, and a chance to forge new relations in California that hopefully will carry on into the future and become a regular thing. If all goes well, next year we will have even more athletes representing Fraser Valley Water Polo Club down at the 2022 Junior Olympics.


Lastly, we have run a very successful summer program, allowing our athletes to get as much water polo practice as possible, in preparation for the upcoming season.

Our 2019 to 2021 Season and COVID-19


Sadly, our 2019/2020 and and 2020-21 seasons were affected by COVID-19. In March 2019  the season came to an abrupt end ... just as we were heading into NCL Western Finals too! Pools closed their doors and COVID rules applied to everyone, from every club in BC and across the country. This was particularly hard for our own FVWP athletes who had been training hard, building on a tremendous 2018/19 season at all age levels, and excited to compete again.  


Reflecting on our 2018/2019 Season

We spent 10 wonderful months together,

and, overall, had a very successful year/season at all levels.  


For the first time in the history of our club, we qualified 3 teams for Nationals. We became National Champions in the 16U Girls division, our own Brynn Jonatschick was the 16U Girls MVP, the 14U Boys MVP was Caiomyn Fitzgerald,  two of your Coaches were awarded the most valuable coach  - Georgiy Belyaev at the 14U Boys Westerns and me with the 16U Girls at Nationals. Our 19U Men won bronze at Westerns, our 16U Boys and Girls won silver medals at Westerns, our 14U Girls won bronze at their Westerns and our 14U Boys won gold. We had 2 16U boys named to the Western Canadian all star team as well as one 16U girl. Last but not least, over the weekend, it was announced that Andy Cowie has made the Team Canada Youth National Roster. 


All this is great and a fantastic beginning of a new club and new culture.  I am very proud of all athletes from all the teams for such a success filled first year.  Typically, in the first year with a new head coach, it's a time to rebuild and teach new systems - tactical, technical, etc... It's a time where coaches and players (and parents) get a feel for each other, and grow the trust to ensure that we are working toward common goals for the future of our club. The success we had together this first year is impressive. The first season is over, but it's only the beginning Fraser Valley Water Polo Club - we are building a club that is successful at every level and one that we all can be proud to be a part of.


FVWP Summer program - we had a great time coaching a fantastic group of kids and I have no doubt that every one of our summer athletes will greatly improve their skills this summer. It was great to see two of our alumni College athletes in the water - doing what they need to do to ensure they are ready for their next season and year at their schools in California. 


First, this summer, I know many of you are coaching, swimming and/or playing water polo with BCSSA, while others will be travelling to California to participate in the JO's. I heard many of you say that you will do weights, run, work out and do other sports to cross train and get in better shape. That is all great preparation for the upcoming fall water polo season. You have all chosen the path of a high performance water polo athlete. The summer program is being offered with a number of different options to allow you to choose how water polo will fit in with your other activities. You may have finished the season feeling confident that you know the systems now and are familiar with the new style of play, but summer is the time to work on improving your skills, perfecting the system and setting higher goals for yourself. 


Second,  also in this coming summer you must represent our club, with pride, with confidence and spread the word about the amazing successes we had this year. Be proud of being a Fraser Valley Water Polo athlete and tell every one that it is the best place to play water polo. Always be on the look out for future talents, great swimmers, great size, great ability, that can be future potential Fraser Valley water polo club members. Always keep in mind for future potential, but please don't try to persuade players that are with other clubs.


Georgiy, Marie and Sam will be coaching you for the entire summer, I will be here for all of the June practices, and, in July, we have one of the greatest coaches in water polo,  Mark Block, guest coaching every Monday. This summer program is being offered to help each and every one of you choose the area or areas that you want to improve the most and we, your coaches, will help you get there.   


We are looking ahead to an even more successful season next year and we have planned our summer program as the foundation for that. See you on deck...


Try FVWP for two weeks!

The best way to find out if water polo with Fraser Valley is the right choice for you or your child is to take advantage of our 2 week trial.  For two weeks, athletes get the opportunity to practice with their age group to see if they like it. 

FVWP Head Coach Michel Roy!

Coach Michel has decades of experience working at every level within the Canadian

water polo system, and also spent 10 seasons as the Head Coach at the University of Hawaii.

His extensive list of coaching accolades includes 32 Canadian National Championships and

4 trips to the NCAA finals. Michel is working with the 19U Woman’s National team program

this summer and will be returning to BC in August.

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