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THANK YOU for an amazing season!

We want to thank each and every one of our membership for an absolutely awesome 2021-2022 season. Despite the challenges of COVID, the season came together and it has been tremendous. Our success started in December at NCL 15U Westerns (a rollover final from a previous COVID season) - 15U Boys dominated and won GOLD and our 15U girls celebrated with BRONZE. In January there were rumours that our NCL season might actually happen. In March, when it finally got started, we were able to get in all of our qualifying 15U and 17U games. At 15U NCL Westerns our boys continued to dominate and won GOLD and our girls BRONZE. At 17U Westerns our boys won GOLD and our girls BRONZE (an amazing display of teamwork considering this team were fighting injuries). Both our 17U teams qualified for NCL Nationals. For those that don’t know, Nationals is the finale for the 17U season - the top teams on the West coast versus the top teams from the East coast. Our 17U girls won GOLD (and retained their title!). They continue to dominate. Our 17U boys finished in fourth place but heartbreakingly close after dominating all season. They were one goal away for making it into the gold medal game. Then, playing in the bronze game, came within one goal again from winning. On top of our tournament successes we celebrated:

  • Coach Georgiy being awarded by Water Polo Canada MVP for most valuable coach at 15U Westerns.

  • Vanessa McNabb, our 17U Girls captain, being awarded by Water Polo Canada MVP for most valuable player at 17U Nationals.

  • Three of our 17U Girls - Isabella Mady, Mackenzie Clark and Vanessa McNabb - earned a place on the Women’s Youth National Team. Isabella and Vanessa were both also named as alternates on the Women’s Junior National Team.

  • Three of our 17U/19U Boys - Brandeau Botica, Caiomyn Fitzgerald and Austin Hexter - earned a place on the Men’s Youth National Team.

  • Two of our alumni from last season - Emma Lawson and Cameron Hexter both earned a place on the Women and Men's Junior National Teams.

  • Mich Roy, our FVWP Head Coach, was selected to be the Women’s Youth National Team Head Coach (which fortunately for us is predominantly through the summer months).

I think you can agree, awesome building blocks for next season. Hell yes!!!

Talking of next season, we are already planning and getting ahead of the game. Full steam ahead. We have a calendar of events within both Canada and the US for all age groups. Yes, all age groups INCLUDING a full schedule for 19U’s and our Development Athletes. We look forward to sharing that with you in the coming weeks. Why will next season be different? This is a great time to introduce a new addition to our staff. Jennine Benoit has been recruited as FVWP General Manager. Jennine's experience and knowledge of both water polo and our club is unprecedented. She is the missing link that is pulling everything together - working hard behind the scenes with both our coaching staff and our Board to help realize our plans and ambitions for FVWP. She will be instrumental in following through and making things happen. We are lucky to have Jennine and very excited to have her on board. For those of you that are training with us through the summer - either for fitness or in preparation for JO’s - we look forward to seeing you at the pool. The summer season starts today and it’s not too late to register! Signing off now for our 2021-2022 season. Have a safe and very happy summer. On behalf of the Board Fraser Valley Water Polo Club #PROUD #FVWP #PLAYHARD


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